These commercial grade extension cords, power strips, surge strips and adapters incorporate a built in circuit breaker to protect you and your expensive equipment. These heavy duty cords are grounded with a molded connector. Made of high quality materials, moisture resistant and constructed to be flexible yet durable. Power Allâ„¢ offers a wide variety of electrical products including:


  • 6ft, 10ft, 15ft, 25ft and 50ft extension cords with a built-in circuit breaker plug.
  • 25ft extension cord with three (3) inline outlets.
  • Heavy duty 7ft lead cord with three 6ft extension cords (25ft total length).
  • 120V and 240 V extension cords with a three (3) outlet power strip.
  • GFCI power strip with four (4) covered outlets.
  • Metal power strip with four (4) durable rubber outlet covers and 8ft cord.
  • Metal surge strip with six (6) outlets and 4ft cord.
  • Grounded six (6) outlet wall power adapter.
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